Enclosing the Taz 5 - motivation

Enclosures for 3D printers are not exactly a new concept and for good reason, there are many advantages you get from having an enclosed build area. These advantages come in two overlapping categories; improved print quality and improved conditions for people.Read more

ULN2003 Stepper Motor Drivers using Arduino

We got our hands on a few small cheap stepper motors from technobots. Because these stepper motors are geared, they have quite a remarkable number of steps per revolution (2048 full steps, or 4096 microsteps) and come with a small driver board already. These drivers are a small single chip darlington array, and you simply make the 4 input pins high in order to pass current through each coil. This means that unlike more expensive stepper motor drivers you have to manage the coils in the stepper motor yourself, thankfully this is rather straight forward to do this for the Arduino.
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