Printer to Chocolate

There have been a few reasons to celebrate lately around BHiveLabs of late, first of all Matthew and his wife have recently had their second child, and secondly a friend got married. To help celebrate, and to try and expand my skill set a little bit I thought I would try and make some chocolates to give out as gifts.

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Friends in Leeds

A friend of mine is setting up a screen printing co-operative with some other artists in Leeds. The new space is opening on the 14th of October, and we thought that in order to help them out we would send them a sign.

They also have an indiegogo campaign to help with setting up the space , if you are interested or feeling generous pop across to have a look.

Giant Robot

A friend saw one of our Robot Mk8 keyring holders and wanted a scaled up version so I made one 4 times taller. I didn't bother rescaling the fit parameters of the arms, legs and neck so the joint are pretty loose but he still stands up fine and is still semi poseable. Everyone who sees it wants one now and I can't let my toddler see them or he'd want to keep them all.

298 grams of ABS and 12 hours print time

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Mini Robot Army

Matthew's son recently had a bithday party, so Matthew wanted to put something a little different in the party bags and at the same time see how well he has got to grips with OpenSCAD. In doing so he has come up with a fun little robot ( that prints complete in a single piece with moving arms and legs, as well as a logo on the front that can be changed in the file. As an extra bonus he also made the feet compatible with lego (one of Matthew and his son's favourite toys).Read more