A friend saw one of our Robot Mk8 keyring holders and wanted a scaled up version so I made one 4 times taller. I didn’t bother rescaling the fit parameters of the arms, legs and neck so the joint are pretty loose but he still stands up fine and is still semi poseable. Everyone who sees it wants one now and I can’t let my toddler see them or he’d want to keep them all.

298 grams of ABS and 12 hours print time

Sometimes it’s definitely worth scaling up a successful print for even more impact. I’ve discovered that the chamfered base really helps to alleviate warping and shrinkage pulling the ABS off the print bed too!

He’s so big

This one took 298 grams of ABS (including minimal support under the legs and neck) and ~12 hours to print. We now sell the Robot Mk8 Keyrings on Etsy but the original OpenSCAD design is available at this Thingiverse link.

“Put me down”

Next step, develop a giant Mk9 with flashing LEDs and servo’d limbs…

The September ’16 railway invasion incident. Toddler for scale.